Legal Information - Premium Vietnamese Coffee Trung Nguyen in Europe

Legal Information

Customer Service Hotline: +49(0)17696730478 / 17698713105 is brought to you by:

TUG Trading & Export
Paul-Zobel-Str 8F
10367 Berlin
Tel: +49(0)17696730478 / 17698713105

The Owner:

Tatiana Gavrilenko-Reiprich
Value Added Tax-ID: DE299543812
Tax Number: 33/489/00605

Our Team:

After living in Vietnam for total 4 years, addiction to the vietnamese coffee became such strong, that we decided to open our own vietnamese coffee shop in Europe.

Our young team consists of a passionate vietnamese coffee-lovers, who are aiming to show the europeans and the world ‘another’ coffee taste. The core of the team as well as the shop stock are located in Berlin. Our friends in Vietnam are also always available to support us.