Starter Set 4 -Vietnamese Coffee Creative 4 - Premium Vietnamese Coffee Trung Nguyen in Europe

Starter Set 4 -Vietnamese Coffee Creative 4


Starter Set 4 = Coffee Creative No.4 + metal coffee filter Phin + vietnamese condensed sweetened milk



Starter Set 4 is a special offer to experience the distinctive features of exotic Vietnamese coffee Trung Nguyen in its perfect combination of elegant aroma, smooth flavour and chocolate bitter-sweet taste.

The Set contains 250g Trung Nguyen Creative No. 4 ground coffee, 397 g can of vietnamese condensed sweetened milk and 150g metal coffee filter Phin.

Trung Nguyen Creative No.4 ground coffee: Rich taste and flavorful aroma of Premium Culi beans.
Blend of Culi (single, unsplit, peaberry) beans of Arabica, Robusta, Chari and Catimor. Strong, deep, dark and complex in its widely-acclaimed unique know-how, Creative 4 brings you an exotic coffee in great depth of flavor and lasting aroma.

Additional information

Weight 0.88 kg
Dimensions 10 × 13 × 15 cm


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